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TrackschoolBus: Safe Bus Ride

  • TrackSchoolBus uses RFID readers to monitor RFID tags on student school bags or ID cards. It then reads the RFID tag or each student automatically as they are getting on or off at bus stops. This is done by communicating RFID tag data in real-time with the GPS device.
  • TrackSchoolBus will send instant notifications to parents of successful student pick-ups and drop-offs. Parents can be made aware if the child is not in their house within minutes of drop off and can notify authorities. TrackSchoolBus can also instantly notify parents when the school bus departs a bus stop without the child on board.
  • The system will send instant alerts to school administrators, parents and bus drivers when students:
    • Are dropped off or picked up at the wrong location.
    • Fail to get on or off the bus without prior notice from parents.
    • Get on the wrong bus or get off at the wrong bus stop.

Advantages to parents

  • It helps parents to get the travel history of their kids
  • It informs parents when their kids get to and leave school
  • It informs parents if your child was picked or not, dropped at a wrong stop, etc
  • Parents are able to monitor the bus speed and time taken by buses at each stops
  • Parents can call the bus driver in case of any emergencies

Advantages to schools

  • Helps to manage the school bus fleet with better efficiency.
  • Helps to reduce fuel wastage by avoiding excessive idling, diversion and inefficient routes.
  • Helps to plan routes early. This can be done in real-time which makes management of emergency situations easy.
  • Gives parents more confidence in the school’s transport system.
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