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5 Major Misconceptions about Student Tracking

5 Major Misconceptions about Student Tracking

From the time a student leaves from home to school until they reach back home, the school will be responsible for their safety. Taking care of students, ensuring their safety is a really complex task. Imagine the situations when a bus is delayed due to traffic or if the student got down at the bus stop. Panic stricken parents would certainly start a ruckus and the school will be held responsible.

To avoid such situations, many schools around the world have opted for GPS trackers to locate the school buses. But there are many schools still left, who are still hesitant about installing GPS trackers in their school bus fleet. The main reason behind it is the myths regarding student tracking that have mounted in their minds. Here are 5 such common misunderstandings about student tracking:

Myth 1: GPS tracking can be a threat to student safety

Reality: The students’ personal information is never given out and they cannot be accessed easily. For tracking the students, RFID tags are used that are attached to the student ID cards, which the students swap in the card reader in the bus once they board the school bus to mark attendance. The RFID microchip stores nothing but a student identification number as data. There is no way that anyone can access private information using the student identification number.

Myth 2: Cards used for student tracking are of limited use

Reality: Smartcards that students use in school are not only meant for student tracking but for other purposes as well. Students need not carry bundles of cards to serve various purposes at school since smart cards can also serve as library cards and they can also be used for the purchase of food and beverages or stationary items in school. Also, smart cards contain all student details which may come handy while paying school fees.

Myth 3: Student tracking invades privacy

Reality: The GPS student tracking system does not follow students everywhere they go. It is just a means for the parents and schools to ensure that a student has reached home or school safely. Students just swipe their RFID attached tags on the card reader in the school bus once they board it and the notifications will be sent to the parents or school authorities via SMS or Android or iOS push notifications. Also, the GPS tracking system provides information on over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc. and notifies parents and school authorities in case a student got down at the wrong bus stop, thus ensuring student safety to the maximum.

Myth 4: Student tracking is too complicated
Reality: There are many student tracking systems available in the market and majority of them are simple and user friendly. An example is the School Bus Tracker which notifies parents or school authorities about the location of the school bus right from the time the school bus is about to arrive at the bus stop to pick the students.

Myth 5: Student tracking systems are expensive
Reality: Student tracking systems are available at various rates in the market. But, most of them are available at an affordable rate. But, using a student tracking system can save you much more money than what you can even imagine. The School Bus Tracker allows the school authorities to generate reports on fuel usage, distance travelled, performance of drivers etc. which are of great use to cut unwanted fuel and labour costs and to improve labour productivity.
You may be confused and may be still thinking whether you should go for the student tracking system. But, remember that students in our country are victims of various atrocities such as kidnapping, molestation etc. As a school authority, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the students of your school. They deserve to be safe and there is no harm if you spend a little in providing them the security for they are the future of our country

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